Gabriele Adorno

Gabriele Adorno | sparkling wine with finest bubbles perfect for apetizers parties pinot noir grape

Gabriele Adorno

White, creamy foam, subtle and persistent perlage, Gabriele Adorno is bright, palish yellow in colour. It has a fresh intense aroma and a soft yet lively flavour with a hrmonious aftertaste of mature fruit that lingers in the mouth. 

Did you know? This wine is dedicted to Gabriele Adorno, the fifth Doge of maritime Republic of Genoa, who was famous for having signed a number of treaties to improve the conditions of Genoese merchants, both in Itlay and abroad.

Technical info

Pinot nero Sparkling, vinified in white
Pinot nero
12.5 ABV
Metodo Charmat
Gabriele Adorno Charmat

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