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Red with hints of violet. The complex aroma reveals Maraschino cherries and berries that give way to pleasant balsamic and spicy notes. Elegant to the taste, its complex strucutre is revealed through a tightly knit weave of sweet tannins.

Did you know? The wine's full body and intense bouquet are due to double ripening. This process consists in cutting the shoots ao that the grapes ripen in two different ways: half of them over-ripen, while the others, on the part of the vine that has been cut-off, start to shrivel. Cliviano is bottled ten months after the harvest, and spends another six in the bottle before being put on sale. The wine benefits from a particular process originally devised in the Burgundy region, wich makes our Merlot unique among the wines from Otrepò area.

Technical info

Merlot IGP
13 ABV

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Cliviano 5,50
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