Costa del Sole

Costa del Sole | red wine fizz from Croatina vineyard vigorous wine appealing damson aromas supple chocolatey fruit

Costa del Sole

Ruby red with hints of violet and a creamy foam when poured. The aroma is fragrant, persistent, vinous and elegant with tangy notes of maraschino cherries and plums. The rich, persistent flavour spreads over the entire palette and fills it with softness. 

Did you know? Bonarda is the most characteristic and representative wine of Oltrepò Pavese. In keeping with tradition, we produce it sparkling using only the highest quality grapes. The wine takes its name from historic vineyard shown on centuries old maps of the Retorbido area.

Technical info

Bonarda Oltrepò Pavese DOC
250 m
13 ABV
Costa del sole Bonarda
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Costa del Sole

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